ICAS Member to Receive 2015 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship

June 8th, 2015

EAST TROY, WISCONSIN -- An ICAS member and recipient of the 2014 Civilian Performer Pinnacle Award will receive one of the air show industry’s highest honors July 21, during EAA AirVenture at EAA’s Theater in the Woods.

Bob Carlton, owner of Vertigo Airshows, will receive the 2015 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship according to a news release issued by World Airshow News June 8. Carlton joins a long list of honorees that reads like an air show hall of fame.

Carlton began his fascination with aviation as a young boy flying control line models. He learned to fly in 1979 at age 19 and soon mastered hang gliders, sailplanes, powered airplanes, and helicopters. He began flying sailplane airshows in 1993.

After he began flying airshows, Carlton often found it difficult to arrange for a tow plane at each show site. His engineering background led to the development of the world's first twinjet sailplane, which allowed him to climb to altitude under his own power.

His innovative approach to glider aerobatics continued with the addition of the Super Salto jet sailplane in 2009. With a more powerful jet engine, the Super Salto not only allowed Carlton to climb to altitude without a tow plane, but he could also perform a full low-level aerobatic routine under power.

Carlton’s latest addition to his airshow stable is the SubSonex JSX-2 microjet kit aircraft. He serves as the chief test pilot for the little jet and has debuted a full aerobatic airshow routine in the SubSonex for the 2015 airshow season.

Carlton lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife Laurie and their dog, Ginger. He is a member of the Soaring Society of America and the International Council of Air Shows. He is also a retired rocket scientist for a major national laboratory.

The Bill Barber Award for Showmanship began in 1986, and is awarded to air show performers or teams that have demonstrated great skill and showmanship. World Airshow News magazine and the friends and family of the late Bill Barber present the award annually.

Past Bill Barber Award winners include:

2014  Greg Koontz

2013  Skip Stewart

2012  Matt Younkin

2011  Rich and Dee Gibson

2010  Steve Oliver and Suzanne Asbury-Oliver

2009  Michael Goulian

2008  Bud Granley

2007  Dacy Family Airshow Team

2006  Danny Clisham

2005  Pietsch Airshows

2004  Bobby Younkin

2003  Jim LeRoy

2002  AeroShell Aerobatic Team

2001  Northern Lights Aerobatic Team

2000  John Mohr

1999  Dan Buchanan

1998  Patty Wagstaff

1997  Gene Soucy & Teresa Stokes

1996  Wayne Handley

1995  Bob Hoover

1994  Bob & Annette Hosking

1993  Red Baron Stearman Squadron

1992  Sean D. Tucker

1991  Julie Clark

1990  Leo Loudenslager

1989  Jimmy Franklin

1988  No Award

1987  The French Connection

1986  Eagles Aerobatic Flight Team