ICAS - 4th FW/Seymour Johnson AFB (2933)

4th FW/Seymour Johnson AFB (2933)


- U.S. Navy Blue Angels
- Ace Maker Airshows
- CF-18 National Demo Team
- Jacquie B Airshows
- F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team
- A-10 East Heritage Flight Team
- U.S. Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation
- Bill Stein Airshows
- Tora Tora Tora
- F-16 Viper Demo Team
- Kevin Coleman Aerosports
- Gene Soucy Airshows
- Wild Horse Aviation
- Quick Silver P-51 Airshows
Organization Points of Contact:
Maj Ben Hoffman
Event Locations: United States.
4th FW/Seymour Johnson AFB
1960 Jabara Ave, Bldg 4516
Seymour Johnson AFB, NC 27531
United States of America
Phone: 919-722-8127
Fax: 919-722-2631
Wings Over Wayne/Seymour Johnson AFB Open House
2017-05-19 - 2017-05-21 (Seymour Johnson AFB, NC - US)
For more information, contact Maj Matthew Olde at 919-722-8081
Airport: Goldsboro, NC - Seymour Johnson AFB(GSB)
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Fixed Base Operator:
FBO Contact:
Hangar space available: No
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