ICAS - MCAS Beaufort (1254)

MCAS Beaufort (1254)


- GEICO Skytypers Airshow Team
- U.S. Navy Blue Angels
- Jim Tobul Airshows
- Mike Goulian Airshows
- Patty Wagstaff Airshows, Inc.
- Rob Holland Ultimate Airshows, LLC
- Quick Silver P-51 Airshows
- F-16 Viper Demo Team
Organization Points of Contact:
Ms Charlotte Gonzalez
Mr Jack Snider
Mrs Christina Swick
Event Locations: United States.
MCAS Beaufort
PO Box 55018
Attn: Charlotte Gonzalez
Beaufort, SC 29904
United States of America
Phone: 843-228-1554
Fax: 843-228-1531
MCAS Beaufort Airshow
2017-04-29 - 2017-04-30 (Beaufort, SC - US)
For more information, contact Mark Hamilton at 843-228-6316
Airport: Merritt Field(NBC)
Field Elevation: 37
Runway Length: 8000
Runway Orientation: 14/ 32
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Fixed Base Operator:
FBO Contact:
Hangar space available: Yes
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