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Stefan Trischuk is a full time air show pilot and former character on the Discovery Channel reality TV show "AIRSHOW". Stefan is also the main pilot for the "Immortal Red Baron” Performance Which will be traveling throughout North America in 2018. "Immortal Red Baron" is a theatrical performance, using stories, characters and aircraft, to which the public can relate. By focusing on emotionally engaging the audience to the performers, the show is better able to provide a higher quality of entertainment. The Red Baron , the most famous fighter pilot in history, is distinguishable to all, regardless of the audience’s knowledge of aviation. The aircraft used in the performance is a custom built 1916 WW1 fighter plane capable of aggressive dogfight maneuvers. The Red Baron ‘s legend will enchant the audience and bring a new experience to the spectator, ultimately attracting a new generation of air show attendees.

Mr Stefan Trischuk

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Immortal Red Baron

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Waiver ID81477
Waiver Issued2017-08-24 09:57:36
Waiver Expires2018-12-31 00:00:00
Flight LevelUnrestricted
AircraftPipistrel Virus, Pitts Special - All variants
ManeuversSolo Aerobatics