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Yak 55 Aircraft + Yak 55 Aircraft + GE J-85 Jet Engine = YAK 110 The Yak 110 was conceived by renowned Airshow pilot Jeff Boerboon and Master Mechanic Dell Coller. In October of 2016 Jeff and Dell with the help of Chad Bartee acquired the first two major pieces of the puzzle, Yak 55 (N41126) and (N955SF). The Yak 110 is the result of many great people coming together with an incredible passion for aviation innovation. This one of a kind aircraft is a re-purposing of two aerobatic aircraft that will certainly inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.

Mr Jeff Boerboon

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United States Unlimited Aerobatic Team
John Klatt Airshows
Jeff Boerboon Aerobatics Yak 110

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Jet Warbird Aerobatics
Circle Jumpers
High Performance Sport Aerobatics
Low Performance Sport Aerobatics

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Waiver ID81699
Waiver Issued2018-05-07 09:39:44
Waiver Expires2019-12-31 00:00:00
Flight LevelUnrestricted
AircraftExtra 300 - All variants, Waco - All variants, Yak 110, Yakovlev Yak 55
ManeuversCircle the Jumper, Formation Aerobatics, Solo Aerobatics