International Council of Air Shows
Why Your Membership Matters

Why Your Membership Matters


Air show professionals from across North America rely on ICAS. From beginners to experts, from vendors just entering the industry, and from our ACEs to small town event organizers, ICAS membership dollars support all types of air show professionals in countless ways. At ICAS, our training and education programs build skills that benefit the entire industry. We work collaboratively with government regulators and organize and grow programs that support better-run events, safer skies, and skill development for pilots, event organizers and support services providers to ensure a lifetime of participation, fun and business success.


ICAS has set the standard for excellence in the air show industry since 1967, and it is the collective power of ICAS membership that makes it happen. Help us spread the word about the value of purchasing an ICAS membership.


+ Why Should You Join or Renew with ICAS?

Ever wonder why being a member of ICAS is so important? The answer is simple… Your membership enables the organization to deliver the programs and services essential to all air show professionals across North America and influence the global air show community.


+ An ICAS membership touches every individual member…

Certified ACEs take who take pilots to the next level. • Headquarters based just minutes away from regulatory agencies such as the FAA. Trained and professional air bosses to ensure the safest environment possible for air shows. Training and education programs aimed at keeping members current with the latest knowledge from the field. • Resources help members enhance their businesses. • Newcomers introduced to the exciting world of air shows, and more!