Foundation Announces Board, Officers

January 3rd, 2011

The ICAS Foundation has announced the members of its 2011 Board of Directors. Completing their two-year terms in 2011 are Jeff Parnau, Rhonda Butler and George Cline. Accepting another two-year term are Caroline Trinkwalder, Nancy Lowe, Wayne Boggs, John Bowman, Dale Drumright and Steve Oliver. Joining the board for the first year of their two-year terms are Herb Gillen, Karin Goulian and Rose McComb.

The Foundation’s 2011 officers will be Caroline Trinkwalder, Chairman; Jeff Parnau, Vice-Chairman; Nancy Lowe, Secretary; and Rhonda Butler, Treasurer.

Feel free to contact any of the board members for information about the ICAS Foundation, or visit their web site at