Emergency Response Workshop: Planning, Organizing and Training for Success

Wednesday, December 6th 2017 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Versailles 1-2

You already know the requirements for what an emergency plan should do. And you know you need to train your team on emergency procedures, and conduct a tabletop or response drill before the big show. But do you know what an effective emergency plan really looks like? Are you familiar with the basic steps used to develop one? Do you know how to identify the right kind of exercise to use for your particular event? Are you concerned that your organization is running through the motions of getting prepared, but not actually doing the work required to BE prepared? In this one-hour, “how-to” session, you’ll learn how the five pillars of emergency preparedness—planning, organizing, equipping, training, and exercising — provide a structured, methodical, and comprehensive approach to building and strengthening your emergency response capability. Along the way you’ll learn some of the smart practices and the pitfalls that can make or break emergency preparedness efforts, and you’ll learn where to find more information on how to build a robust emergency preparedness capability for events large and small.