Introduction to Air Shows for Performers

Sunday, December 3rd 2017 3:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Versailles 1-2

For the second consecutive year, ICAS has organized a nearly three-hour workshop focused exclusively on providing new or inexperienced performers with a wide range of information on issues of vital and specific concern to performers and prospective performers trying to get a start in the air show business. The program will include both lecture-style discussions delivered by experienced air show professionals, and small group, roundtable discussions intended to provide every participant with an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the air show professionals best qualified to provide them. The workshop will begin with a fast-paced, information-packed overview of all of the key issues facing performers working to establish themselves: introduction to the air show business, paperwork/regulations, total/hidden costs of air show performing, maneuver sequence development, safety, fees, contracts and contracting, demeanor and reputation, branding and marketing, music/narration, sponsorship, and much more. The last portion of the program will be devoted exclusively to small group discussion with veteran air show performers who have volunteered to answer your questions and give you their perspective on virtually any air show-related issue.