Sponsorship for Events

Sunday, December 3rd 2017 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Versailles 3-4

It is an article of faith within the air show community that sponsorship is the most promising and practical tool for moving our industry to the proverbial "next level." And, despite other differences, almost every air show includes sponsorship as a key source of operating revenue.

But practical, "how to" information and direction are often hard to come by. In this four and one-half hour, workshop-style session, your information needs as an air show event organizer will be specifically addressed.

For more than ten years, event sponsorship consultant Bruce Erley has consistently been one of our two or three top-rated speakers. Once again this year, Erley will discuss the key sponsorship issues likely to face ICAS members -- including members of the military -- during the 2016 air show season and beyond. And, once again this year, former U.S. Air Force JAG officer Curtis McNeil will be on hand to “translate” Erley’s guidance, descriptions and ideas into language that makes sense to military personnel and complies with current military guidance.

This workshop will include a brief review of sponsorship basics, including:
• terminology;
• recent sponsorship trends and how they impact the air show industry;
• the selling and activation of sponsorships;
• how to audit your air show to ensure that you are leveraging all of the resources available to give your sponsors maximum return on their investment;
• how to activate the sponsorships you sell and how to help your sponsors do their part in activating their own sponsorships;
• how to assess "sponsorable" assets and assign a dollar value to both the individual assets and the overall sponsorship package; and
• how to assemble a sponsorship package and put it in the hands of the decision makers at prospective sponsoring corporations/organizations.

This course has been developed for all air show event organizers -- small and large, military and civilian -- to help them better understand the latest trends and most effective tactics in selling and activating air show sponsorships.

Fee for the half-day Sponsorship for Events Workshop is $195 ($220 after November 17). This workshop is not included in your convention registration fee.